Complete production cycle with the opening of a Cow farm in the village of Zhelyazno2015-12-12

From December 2015, Mlechni Produkti Ltd. delivers its high-quality cow milk from a newly built modern dairy farm in the village of Zhelyazno near the town of Plovdiv.

After completing a project under the Rural Development Program with the European Union funds, the farm with 200 dairy cows, which is equipped with high quality facilities and brand new stables, is already a fact (see attached video).

The animals are type Holstein black-and-white cattle purchased from Denmark and in the dairy farm they will be cared after in most humane way.

The new high-quality raw material will also ensure the quality of products from cow's milk produced by Mlechni Produkti Ltd. Thus, the company will be able to increase its production capacity and provide even higher standards to its customers.



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